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Pettex Fullers Earth Clumping Cat Litter, perfect for the discerning cat owner.

Key Benefits

Super sieved for better performance
Premium grade
Clump forming
Controls odour
Premium natural granules
Highly absorbent
Pure fullers earth
The best way to keep cats clean and contented
Ideal for house training pets
Produced from a pure naturally absorbent mineral
Good value

Product Information

Pettex Fullers Earth Clumping Cat Litter is made from very absorbent clay mineral called Bentonite which helps to bind the strong odours found in cat urine. The benefit of Fullers Earth clay is that it clumps together when it is moist, allowing only the soiled litter to be removed and replaced. The reason that most people prefer clumping litter is due to the fact that traditional absorbent litter must be replaced frequently, while scoopable cat litter allows the solids and clumps of urine to be scooped out and discarded and a small amount of new litter to be added each time. A cat litter tray using clumping litter will last longer without the litter being completely replaced. Today, approximately 69% of the cat litter market is clumping cat litters.

Pettex Fullers Earth Clumping Cat Litter benefits from a unique sieving system that boosts the already excellent clumping powers. All fines and dust are removed prior to packing to ensure consistent, top quality granules. Free from any additives with the ability to minimise bacterial activity and fully bio-degradable. The Pettex original formula helps create a more economical, dust-free cat litter, while the natural minerals have sufficient odour control to clamp down on those unpleasant smells. As if that wasn't enough, the unique super clumping properties allow the damp patches in the litter to form distinguishing clumps that can be easily removed and dispensed of with no trouble at all.