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Hollings Full Roast Bone

Your pooch deserves a reward whenever it does something great so, why not give it a treat for encouraging positive behaviour? Hollings Full Roast Bone Dog Treats Smoked are tasty dog treats formulated especially for your canine four-legged friend. Hollings treats are made with 100% natural and the highest quality ingredient.

These healthy dog treats provide your four-legged friend with all the essential nutrients including proteins, ash, oils, fibre, and moisture that together help maintain your dogs vitality. Hollings Roast Full Bone is sourced and manufactured in the UK and uses 100% British Beef that's cooked in 100% Pure Beef dripping. This gives your dog a delectable treat that is equally healthy.

These natural dog treats are also air-dried with dried meaty pieces on the bone, and are sure to be a thrilling treat for your dog! You can give it to your canine friend any time of the day as a reward or a treat. Serve fresh water along with it in a separate bowl. Also while feeding it to your pooch, supervision is necessary because it is a natural bone product and may splinter.

Product Benefits

  • Delectable dog treat made using British Beef that is cooked in 100% pure beef dripping
  • Suitable to be given as a reward or a treat
  • Provides your dog proteins, fats, oils, ash, and moisture
  • Free from artificial flavours or preservatives
  • Naturally air-dried to maintain the natural goodness of flavours




Protein (42%), Oils And Fats (35%), Crude Ash (16%), Moisture (5%), Crude Fibre (3%)