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Classic Universal Drinking Bottle 140ml

Pets have a habit of drinking water from unclean or contaminated containers, and even directly from the surface. This can cause several allergies amongst small pets, leading to severe diseases. To solve the hassle of serving the water repeatedly in a clean dish, Classic has purposefully produced this drinking bottle keeping the pets natural behaviour as a priority.

Unlike the other regular bottles, this Classic Universal Drinking Bottle 140ml is featured with a spout at the bottom for convenience. This spout eliminates your hassle of opening the bottle each time since the pet can directly drink water on its own. This spout is made of stainless steel material for durability. Unlike plastic material, the steel spout doesnt lose its shape and also helps resist corrosion.

To keep the drinking unit immediately accessible, this Classic universal bottle is supplied with a fixing wire to affix it on the pets habitat. This allows you to securely attach the drinking bottle on the bars of the cages or lip of vivarium. This small animal drinking bottle contains a twin-ball design to ensure that water doesnt accidentally leak even if your pet accesses it roughly.

This hamster drinking bottle is made using a specially angled cap that is gnaw resistant, which means it will not lose its quality even if the pet bites or nibbles it. This leakproof pet bottle mimics natural feeding, by eliminating the need to get into a specific position. Made using recyclable material that is extremely safe for the environment it can hold up to 140 ml of water and is suitable for hamsters, gerbils, birds, mice and other small animals.

Product Benefits

  • Stainless steel spout allows the pet to drink comfortably from its position
  • Non-leak design prevents spillage and wastage of water
  • Comes with a fixing wire for easy fastening to the cage or vivarium