Welcome to Nutty About Grooming!

We are a fully equipped dog grooming parlour based inside Nutty About Pets pet shop in Hardwick Cambridge.

We are two groomers, Danielle and Keri

Danielle has several years experience in grooming and has worked with most breeds. She has a soft spot for a Spaniel, but is putty in the paws of any dog that loves a kiss!
Danielle has two dogs, one is a Spaniel x Lab and his name is Harry and her other dog is a little Lhasa Apso cross named Alfie.

Keri is fully qualified and experienced with most breeds. She particularly enjoys grooming hand stripped breeds and LOVES meeting all the puppies! (lets face it, who doesn't?!?).
Keri owns an elderly Jack Russell Terrier named Dudley and a young Husky cross named Sullivan.

Both Danielle and Keri have always had great love for dogs and being able to meet and work with such a beautiful array of breeds and characters everyday is such a pleasure.

What we offer

We offer all breed trimming and styling (to breed standard or your own requirements), hand stripping, bathing, puppy packages, nail clipping and more.

All breeds are welcome by appointment.

We offer appointments between the hours 8:30am and 2:30pm and are open between Tuesdays and Saturdays, closing on Sundays and Monday.

How To Contact Us

Call Us On 01954 214530 extension 3
Or see our Facebook Page  & Instagram
Or if you prefer to pop in the shop and book in person


Its often hard to give an accurate price over the phone for new customers. There is so much to take into account, which affects the price of each individual dog's groom.

As a general rule of thumb, most breeds start "from" £40 for a full groom.

Short haired baths start "from" £25 (e.g. small breeds)

Long haired ( in good condition) baths start "from" £30

All above services include nails clipped and ears cleaned & plucked (if required/requested)

Nail Clipping (including Rabbit & Guinea pig claws) £8.00

Should you require anal glands to be emptied, this is an extra service, £5 charge on top of a bath or full groom.#